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Very well, if you are reading this article it means that you think to start studying. In this article we collected some basic information you need.

Read it carefully, especially if you’re thinking to move to Canada forever. As you may know, the Study Permit is one of the best ways to reach the PR in the path for citizenship.


In Canada you will find the best education system, with good Colleges and Universities. In particular, they are easily accessible through the transport services. Under the influence of a multicultural population those environments show the same open mind.

Not only you can meet people from all over the world. But, more you can  be enriched by different social cultures. And that’s awesome!

Below, here you are the list of some of the Universities and Colleges.

  • Stenberg College
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Blanche Macdonald Centre
  • Vancouver Film School
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Vancouver Community College
  • Capilano University

While, after the college you obtain a diploma, after university you gain a degree. In particular, the first ones are more career-oriented: engineering, medicals, hospitality, health, makeup, fashion and beauty.



“Stenberg College wants to support you in getting a head start. They offer you the opportunity to receive quality, industry-accredited education to help launch your career in Canada”.

As a matter of facts, their career-oriented programs include practice. As a result, they allow you to apply the knowledge and skills learned in class.

Basically, they offer a Business Diploma, Early Childhood Education, Foundation in Canadian Nursing, Optician Diploma.


Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

“KPU International will provide you with continuous support and care from the time you apply, right through to graduation. […] you will be guided each step of the way by a team of knowledgeable and approachable staff.”

That university offers a relevant education through a wide array of programs and courses.


Blanche Macdonald Centre: 

Here you find many courses such as global makeup, international makeup studio/essentials, freelance makeup artistry. And, furthermore,  fashion design, international fashion marketing, nail studio.

If you are lost as we are between all the courses, visit their website to find more information.


Vancouver film school: 

The creativity is here the basic requirement. Here you can attend classes for acting essentials. Animation, acting for films and television, 3D animation effects, digital design and so on.

If you are not still convinced enough go to check their website. There you will be immediately caught by the impressive pictures of the costumes, makeup and drawing that the students do.


British Columbia Institute of Technology: 

If you are ever planning a career on industry field, that university may be you solution. Here the 98% of students is shaped as a industry leader.

In particular, it’s based on projects designed by local and international employers. The final result is to gain experience as a part of the education.

That environment is very stimulating and the working experience will enrich you day-to-day.


Simon Fraser University: 

They say: “We move beyond tradition. We go where others won’t. And we deliver a world-class education”.

Their distinctive west coast spirit embraces the diversity. That university seems particularly focused on the sciences and applied sciences. It’s environment friendly and offers support for the education and for the sports.


Vancouver Community College: 

From business to design, from esthetics and makeup to medical administration, that university offers a lot of programs. They promote an innovative, experiential acknowledge for life. With 15,000 students their connections to industry ensure to the students a direct access to the employers.

So, you can reach your goals at any stage of your education journey, here.


 Capilano University: 

The university offers programs that lead to academic degrees and post-bachelor degrees in business, educations and even music therapy.

Furthermore, it offers undergraduate programs in childhood education, business administration and visual communication, liberal studies, tourism and music therapy.


Columbia College:

Founded in 1851, that College provides help to students who wants to reach a higher education. It mainly offers quality educational programs, which take in small classes.

And more, the courses can take place in the main campus, or through the online program, with 29 online degrees.

Yet, if your native language is not English, you MUST prove your proficiency  level. However, the required minimum scores are: TOEFL 83, IELTS 6.5, CAEL 70, DET 110 or PTE 56.

The above written points are the most common minimum scores required in such Universities and Colleges.

In the end, there is even the possibility to accede to the courses even with a scholarship. You may have also the possibility to start studying thanks you sportive abilities or to receive a little help in your studies and work.

In conclusion, you can search information on the proper website. There you can actually find every information.



In addition, for further help, contact us. We can provide help and a good service if you think to apply for a study permit.

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