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If you are searching information about the cost of the life in all the main cities of Canada that article may suit to you. In the following article you will find all the costs that monthly a dweller of Toronto may face.

(The following data are based on and can possibly differ from person to person: it’s possible for people to live in the city for much less, while others may need much more to fund the sort of lifestyle they prefer.)



Toronto view
Toronto view
RENTER:   $2,349.07

First of all, the average cost of a one-bedroom unit in Toronto hit $CAD2,314/month last November, and the average cost of a two-bedroom reached $CAD2,966.

As recommendation, if you’re a renter, you may want to purchase renters insurance to protect your belongings.

HOMEOWNER: $4,223.56.

While, in this case, we took data from the most recent market database, the Toronto Real Estate Board. So, the average selling price for all home types in Toronto is $CAD883,520. But, as a second option, you can also choose a 25-year amortization period, and a five-year fixed rate term. In that way, at an interest rate of 2.94%, monthly mortgage payments, it would cost $CAD3,630.

Secondly, don’t forget about land transfer tax, either — both municipal and provincial, which are:

  • Mortgage payments: $CAD3,630 (includes mortgage insurance)
  • Home insurance: $CAD140.92
  • Property tax: $CAD452.65




Public transport Toronto
Public transport Toronto

Below you can find the main prices for the bust tickets that you may need.

  • Single adult cash fare: $CAD3.25
  • Presto two-ride ticket: $CAD6.50
  • Presto day pass: $CAD13.50
  • TTC Monthly Pass: $CAD156.00
  • 12-month Pass (adults): $CAD143.00
  • 12-month Downtown Express Monthly Pass: $CAD188.90

Now, let’s consider that you have a car or you want to buy one. First of all, the auto insurance is mandatory in Canada.

So, normally, the insurance for a 30-year-old male with a clean driving record looks for a comprehensive and collision coverage. In that case, the lowest rate he could get is $CAD217.33.



FOOD $533.95/month

Costs of food
Costs of food

The price of groceries for single people has actually decreased by about 11% from last year. This could have something to do with the fact that we’re increasingly relying on food delivery apps for their meals, making visits to the grocery store a less frequent occurrence.

Food costs have continued to increase for families, however. According to the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University’s annual Canada Food Price Report, the average Canadian family will spend $CAD12,667 a year on groceries (or $CAD1,055 a month) in 2020 — an increase of 2 to 4%, or $CAD487 more a year, from 2021.

  • Buying lunch three times a week: $CAD10 each time = $CAD120/month
  • Getting takeout for dinner three times a month: $CAD 20 each time = $CAD60/month
  • Going out for dinner once a month: $CAD 70/month
  • Buying a latte twice a week: $CAD 4 each time, $CAD 32/month



PHONE AND INTERNET $155.96/month

Costs of phone
Costs of phone

We saw a major shakeup in the Canadian cell phone last year. The main cell phone companies introduced (finally) unlimited data. The most common plan option available right now from Bell, Rogers, and Telus is 10GB of data at maximum speed, with anything after running at a slower speed. But the good news is you won’t be charged for going over the limit.

The pricing is competitive on this type of plan, with each major provider charging CAD$75 a month. This competition, however, has helped drive the average monthly phone price down by CAD$15 when compared to 2019.

  • Bell: $89.95
  • Rogers: $89.99
  • Teksavvy: $62.95

That gives us an average of CAD$80.96 a month for internet and CAD$75 for phone.



HEALTH AND FITNES $64.75/month

Fitness center in Toronto
Fitness center in Toronto

If you want to stay fit using Toronto’s gyms and studios, it will come at a price. Monthly gym memberships in this city range from $15 at Planet Fitness to CAD$59 at the YMCA, to CAD$69.98 for the top membership option at Goodlife Fitness. If you’re more of a yoga or pilates lover, a 12-month commitment at one of the city’s more popular studios runs CAD$115 a month.


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