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Let’s now read more about the Life in Vancouver!

Overview on the city

The biggest Canadian metropolitan city, Vancouver, is placed in the north of the U.S. state of Washington.  The history associated to that city is simple, but interesting. Its name was originally Granville, a very small sawmilling settlement. Then it was  incorporated as a city and renamed in the honor of George Vancouver. He actually was the English navigator who explores most of the coast.

An unfortunate fire destroyed quickly the whole city. But, it was then rebuilt as a very prosperous city though. In facts, very soon it became a  the third populous area in Canada.

As soon as it started expanding, it developed the Canada’s major Pacific coast port. It became, then the main business hub path with Asia and the Pacific Coast.

The clime

Here the clime is oceanic, cool and humid. That city is named “Raincouver” for the frequent precipitations. The winters are particularly rainy and cool, with fairly sunny summers. The west coast is the only part of the Country with average temperatures above 32°F (0°C), during winter. Furthermore, that’s the only city without a freezing winter.

From December to February the average temperatures are between 43-46°F (6-8°C). Instead, during summer, the days are quite sunny with maximum temperature between 68-73°F (20-23°C). Whereby the best period to visit the city is between May and  the end of September with dry and warmest weather.



What to visit

Moving far from the city you can choose between the huge and green parks or the white mountains. The Stanley Park is the biggest park in Vancouver. It’s very populated for the colours of its huge trees, especially during spring.

The Granville Island Public Market is an attraction in the city. It’s a big fruit, vegetables, seafood market. It also offers already prepared meals to eat.

But the attention will be captured, with no doubts, by the mountains right behind the city. The closest one is about half hour by car far away.

Other places you should never miss are the Museum of Anthropology, Kitsilano Beach, a big outdoor swimming pool; Gastown, an area of restaurants; the Chinatown neighborhood, English Bay and the Capilano Suspension Brigde.

Stanley park


The population

With its 2 million people, the population in Vancouver is in constant evolution. As a matter of facts, with its immigration policies it allow a great ethnic diversity.

The population speaks English as first language. Just the European Canadian represents the 46.2% of all the population. Other minorities are Chinese 27.7%, South Asian 6%, Latin American 1%, Black 1%.

According the Vancouver Metro, the city will grow further more till covering up an area of over 3 million by the 2041.


The economy

In Vancouver the economy attracts the international attention. Indeed it has a very fast-growing enterprise mindset. Especially many of them are owned by impact-conscious millennials.

Investigating more, the city invests a lot in the natural resource industries. Finance, technologies, art and culture are other highly rated interesting aspects of the economy. They make the economy of the city one of the most envied in the world.



Canada in general boasts one of the best educational systems. But, before starting that path is important to get more information about. If you are from Europe, the system will be quite different.

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